29. Oktober 2012

Christian Louboutin Dufferin embellished calf hair loafers

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High heels in Italian is “stiletto”, that is, a narrow blade knife which is a perfect “weapon.” It has four hundred years of history, in the long evolution near to perfect. High heels and women’s relationship then become intensified over time. However, the birth of high heels is from men. Perhaps because of this, high heels and men, men and women, there begins the relationships hard to explain.
Christian Louboutin Dufferin embellished calf hair loafers
the price for Italian leather women shoes as well as leather men shoes is far cheaper than all the leather shoes from European or American manufacturers. What make the leather shoes from Italian are cheaper is not because Italian does not have good quality of leather. Even many kinds of leather which come from Italian are so good. Yet, Italian is the place of farming all kinds of leathered animals which leather could be used into leather products, such as shoes, bags, sandals, and so on. Because Italian does not need to import any high quality leather from other countries, then the price of leather products could be cheaper.

women began to try to win the rights to wear high heels from men. High-heeled shoes began to rage in the 18th century. High heels make a woman’s stride length decreases, legs straight, and makes the buttocks contracted. Standing on high heels, women began a journey full of discovery and poetic. Intelligent woman knows how to use the mysterious sixth sense to dealt with gently, with the charm of high heels and their luxury, make men fascinated. Christian Louboutin Dufferin embellished calf hair loafers make a woman suffering from fetishism.


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